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KC Nwokoye was born in Lagos, Nigeria and enjoyed most of his childhood as a middle child in a boisterous and happy family with no professional musical background. As a precocious child and young adult, he mostly kept his compositions and writings to himself and from time to time shared his earlier work with close friends or few family members. His gift as a composer and songwriter remained a secret to many as he was an avid reader and spent most of his time learning. He began to explore his musical talents seriously after his graduation from Clark University Worcester Massachusetts in 2009. His first musical venture was the subsequent release of his EP “Matters of the Heart” which turned out to be a warm blend of jazz, soul and easy listening music with elements of Pop. There the musical journey truly begins.

His music is richly influenced by his multi-ethnic background, his travels and stories around the world as well as the music revealed to him throughout childhood by his dad who collected  vinyl records of Bob Marley, The Temptations, Sade, Marvin Gaye, UB40 among others. He later discovered Artists like Nat King Cole, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Michael Buble, John Legend to name a few that have gone on to shape his musical character and history.

As a composer and songwriter KC tells heartfelt stories through his music that often inspires love, celebration, reflection, melancholy and warmth according to loyal fans. In 2010 he released his first EP “Matters of the Heart”  and later went on to voice for the lead soundtrack in the highly acclaimed movie “Yuma” by Piotr Mularuk.

Since the release of his latest album “SHINE” in 2014, his songs have been featured on prominent radio stations like Polskie radio and local stations such as radio Katowice.  He is a frequent guest on the top morning show “Dzien Dobry” TVN. “SHINE” has also gone on to inspire so many projects that incorporates music, entertainment and positive community work. The album seamlessly combines Soul, Jazz,  Swing and elements of Ethnic and Latin Jazz. On this record, KC truly consolidates his unique musical style and finds the sweet spot most Artists long for. The first single “Caroline” demonstrates a deep level of mastery as a composer and songwriter. He combines charm with sonorous vocal performance that sets him apart. His follow up singles “Home” and “Shine” have equally received wide praise. His musical library is uniquely mesmerizing with songs like “Home” ,“Stay” and ”Why”. He evokes romantic bliss in songs like “Love”, “You” and “Caroline” and gets you into a celebratory mood with songs like “Shine”, “Doesn’t Matter” and “Santa”. The record is sonically cohesive. His live performances is deeply refreshing, engaging and highly entertaining.


Comes to good people!

Since the release of “SHINE”, KC has toured extensively through Poland and beyond. He headlined the highly acclaimed Festival of World Cultures in Gdansk (Festiwal Kultur Swiata) alongside other prominent Artists like Aurelio, Ifi Ude to name a few. His song “Doesn’t Matter” from the album SHINE was one of the lead sound tracks to promote the festival.

KC Nwokoye connects Jazz, Swing and Latin Jazz with a blend of African soulfulness to create a uniquely mesmerizing atmosphere and an unforgettable concert experience time and again. His music is absolutely dynamic, joyful and original. It’s familiar yet refreshing.

He has played over 200 concerts across Poland and his music is beloved and thoroughly celebrated.

In 2018, KC released his new album CELEBRATE and is currently on tour promoting the album with SWING, LOVE and DANCE shows. KC has released over 70 original compositions, including three albums: Celebrate (2018), Shine (2015) and “Matters of Heart” (2010).  His compositions have gained recognition and praise, as well as a dedicated fan base. Today, he continues his musical adventure thanks to the unique combination of his musical style and ever growing audience.

KC has continued to develop as an Artist,composer, songwriter and humanitarian. In 2015 he founded  Cross Cultures and has developed various projects like “Project Shine”, “Cross Culture Diaries” and “Cosmo Night”. He is currently working on new music amongst other ventures that he finds passionate.

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