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“Celebrate”, KC Nwokoye’s album is an amazing combination of Jazz, Swing and Soul influences that draws its patterns from works by artists like Gregory Porter, Marvin Gaye, Nat King Cole, Sting and Sade. (Get you copy)

The compilation presents all the beautiful moments in life, causing the appearance of a smile on our faces and inducing us to dance with joy. It is a dynamic combination of energy, rhythm and romanticism. An euphoric demonstration of KC’s velvet voice, combined with a unique style of beautifully composed string instruments, tin and percussion in such songs as “Beautiful Day”, “Send Down The Rain” and “True”.

This recording is a real gift of spring, brings the sweetness of summer, and later an explosive wave of autumn hope in the songs “Let Me Love You” and “Music”. The whole is finished with a lot of love and comfort brought by the winter season, which we can hear in the songs “Scent of You” and “Celebrate”.

Each song brings with it different nuances that add freshness and a good climate, causing that we get more joy in life, we can smile more and give good to others. It’s a refreshing perspective of modern swing and soul music.

“I love and respect people, contact with them allows me to give them what I have the most precious, which at the same time creates the intention for musical exploration, experience, creation.” Therefore, not only after every concert but also during it, the audience often refers contact with me, and our exchange of words and looks in a natural and uninhibited way is intertwined with a musical show, which creates extraordinary energy. ” – KC Nwokoye


1. Beautiful Day 
2. Scent of You 
3. Everybody Knows
4. Falling
5. I Like You
6. Send Down the Rain 
7. Sweet Like Summer
8. True
9. Let Me Love You
10. A Thousand Miles
11. Empty
12 Too Late
13. Music
14. Celebrate
15. Somebody Loves You

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